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Meet the pets of Play On Shakespeare!

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Have you ever heard of the dog Crab? In Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Crab is the beloved dog of Proteus’s servant, Lance. Even Shakespeare couldn’t resist including a pet into his works!

As a remote company, our team spends our time online—unless we’re traveling on the road together! But that doesn’t mean our at-home office spaces are lonely. In fact, many of our team members have pets. Our little critters and creatures (and even plants) are our family members, emotional support, and work colleagues—and sometimes even make appearances during business meetings! 

Read on to meet the Play On Pets and hear about their favorite Shakespeare plays and characters. 

Two Bengal cats sitting in a sunny window above a kitchen sink, looking over their shoulders at the camera.

Tobin & Theo

Despite Tobin’s (left) colorful personality, his favorite character is the vengeful, broody Hamlet!

Theo (right), on the other hand, favors Hamlet’s loyal friend, Horatio, who ensures Hamlet’s story will not be forgotten.

A black kitten with one blue and one hazel eye sitting in a cat tree.


Vax’ildan might judge you on occasion, but he’s truly a perfect little gentleman. When he’s not trying to crawl on laptops, he enjoys reading his favorite Shakespeare play, Henry IV Part 2.

Because what better way for a cat to learn how to rule the world?

A tabby cat with one blue and one hazel eye laying in a tan cat bed.


Vex is Vax’s twin—but their personalities couldn’t be more different. While she’s sweet and cuddly, she’s also a master of chaos. 

Her favorite Shakespeare play is The Tempest – because she is one!

A rosehair tarantula sitting on a light-skinned hand.


Venus knows that spiders get a bad rep. This rosehair tarantula is a gentle soul who loves to make intricate web patterns and perform silly dances. 

Her favorite Shakespeare character is Cleopatra—fitting for an eight-legged queen!

A tan and white boxer-mix dog with a green bandana. Her paws are in the extreme foreground while she looks up and away from the camera haughtily.

Nyah Jean

Nyah Jean Bailey-Grunkemeyer (aka Nyah, Dogberta, Berta, Poodle, etc) really digs King Lear because she relates to having all the comforts of royalty but still feeling vastly underappreciated by those around her (read: she doesn’t get nearly enough cheese from her dads).

A large peace lily with leaves of a large variety of sizes.


Meet Yarp—the flourishing peace lily! Yarp loves the twists and turns of A Midsummer Night’s Dream because he loves to be as confusing as possible his plant owner.

Yarp likes to treat his audience to one flower per year!

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