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This Month!

January 2022

Check out the events below to learn more about Play On Shakespeare and our mission to actively engage new audiences through modern translations of Shakespeare’s work.

Live Productions

Ashland High School

Twelfth Night
Translated by Alison Carey
Directed by Jonathan Luke Stevens

This event has been postponed—stay tuned for further information.

After months of training in our Play On Shakespeare Masterclass program, Ashland High School will present Alison Carey’s translation of Twelfth Night this month! A classic Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night takes place on the coast of Illyria where Viola is washed ashore, her twin brother lost to sea. As Viola enters the city, she becomes entangled in a comedic affair of mistaken identity and love between the households of Olivia and Orsino.

Limited seating; Vaccination card required.


Play On Podcasts

Meet the Play On Podcast Family!

Play On Podcasts logo with bokeh and frosted effects over a purple background

After 27 Play On Podcast episodes, prepare for engaging, entertaining, and informative interviews with our collaborators! Learn how George Whitty and Herbie Hancock found their way to the Hollywood Bowl or discover what Ferdinand Marcos, James Dean, and Coriolanus all have in common. We hope you enjoy the content this holiday season before the first episode of King Lear is released in February!



The Merchant of Venice
Translation by Elise Thoron

The Merchant of Venice translation cover from ACMRS Press

The Merchant of Venice, translated by Elise Thoron, is now available to purchase on the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies website!