Syracuse University

Production | Syracuse, NY, USA

Title image for the Cymbeline production by Syracuse University. The name Cymbeline is in white serif text under a wire lantern with a blue light bulb and more blue and yellow glowing bulbs blurred in the background.

March 26 – April 3 @ 5 p.m. ET

Translated by
Andrea Thome

Directed by
Christine Albright-Tufts

Imogen lives in a world of oppressive patriarchy, controlled by her father and stepmother. When the love of her life begins to believe a false lie about her faithfulness, Imogen dawns a disguise as a page boy and enters into a journey of self-discovery. One of Shakespeare’s late romances, Cymbeline will have you rooting for the girl who dared to dream and defy the world attempting to oppress her.