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Play On Shakespeare partners with artists, organizations, and educators around the globe to advocate for the translations and help make Shakespeare accessible to modern audiences. Read the testimonials below to hear what our partners have to say about us!

Jeffery Whitty's translation of A Midsummer's Night Dream humanized it completely! Gone was the loftiness certain people treat the work with, and suddenly it was accessible again. Making it that THIS clear WHILE maintaining the piece’s integrity is, to me, the perfect balance between old and new school theatre.

- Boe Wank, Actor

I have learned from Play On that sometimes a few minor word/sentence changes can make a world of difference in helping us understand the plays better without undermining the beauty or poetry of the writing in any way.

- Mark Bedard, Actor

Albeit the source material has remained relevant and important over the centuries, there is a common misconception that it is a unsolvable puzzle that alienates modern audiences. I believe that it prevents Arts organizations from wanting to produce the works. By demystifying the material, thereby providing a more accessible text, I find a greater future in bringing a renewed interest and appreciation to modern audiences. Even the possibility of germinating a whole new untapped younger audience, thereby cultivating the Next generation of Arts patrons.

- M.A. Taylor, Actor-Contributor

I have not only learned a lot about Twelfth Night, but also how to look at a Shakespeare text, making meaning from it, and then translate that knowledge into a performance.

- Student, Ashland High School

In this Play On Shakespeare experience, I learned a lot about what Twelfth Night actually is. I remember seeing a production when I was younger, and everything went completely over my head. Being able to know what the actual story is, and how funny it really is, was interesting. I learned a lot about Shakespeare as a whole and feel like I have more of an appreciation for his work.

- Student, Ashland High School

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