James Magruder

Dramaturg: Troilus and Cressida

James Magruder headshot

James Magruder (Dramaturg, Troilus and Cressida) is a playwright, translator, and fiction writer. His adaptations of Gozzi, Moliére, Marivaux, Hofmannstahl, Lesage, Labiche, Giraudoux, Sidney, and Dickens have been performed on and off-Broadway, at regional theaters across the United States, and in Germany, England, and Japan. He has published four books of fiction (Sugarless, Let Me See It, Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall, and Vamp Until Ready) and wrote, or co-wrote, the books to the Broadway musicals Triumph of Love and Head Over Heels. His first—and last—work of non-fiction, a chronicle of the first fifty years of Yale Repertory Theatre, will be published by Yale University Press in 2023. He lives in Baltimore and has taught at Swarthmore College, Princeton University, and Yale School of Drama.