Alex Vermillion

Staff: Public Relations & Communications Manager

Headshot of Alex Vermillion

Alex Vermillion (ze/zir/zirs) is a dramaturg, artist, marketer, and educator. Zir dramaturgy credits include blues for miss lucille at the Yale School of Drama; Henry VI, Part III and The Two Noble Kinsmen with Play On Shakespeare; and We Are Proud to Present… at the Yale Cabaret. Ze was recently a guest artist at the Great Plains Theatre Commons. At Yale, Alex served as Co-Artistic Director of the Yale Cabaret, Managing Editor at Theater magazine, and the Diversity & Inclusion Chair on the Graduate & Professional Student Senate. Alex received zir M.F.A. in Dramaturgy & Dramatic Criticism at YSD (2020), and zir B.A. in English and Theatre at the University of Utah (2016).