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Building upon Play On Shakespeare’s mission to enhance the understanding of Shakespeare’s plays in performance, Play On Podcasts brings timeless tales directly to modern audiences. Play On Podcasts brings together a team of Award-winning sound designers, composers, playwrights, directors, and performers—with original music composition and the voices of extraordinarily gifted artists—to create aural storytelling experiences. It’s a Shakespearean audio adventure with all translations adapted for podcast streaming by Catherine Eaton.

Play On Podcasts

Measure for Measure
Translated by Aditi Brennan Kapil
Directed by Jessie Austrian

Release Date: October 28

Measure for Measure podcast cover art

Aditi Brennan Kapil’s Measure for Measure is our latest Play On Podcast series, directed by Jessie Austrian and features New York’s award-winning Fiasco Theater ensemble. Exploring the corruption of power with wit and suspense, this podcast showcases a Vienna where anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Henry V
Translated by Lloyd Suh
Directed by Krista Williams

Available Now

Henry V Play On Podcast Cover

Henry V has recently become the King of England—and now is considering laying claim to rule in France. Covering the events during the Hundred Years’ War, this podcast will keep your mind whirling amidst the plots, schemes, and love interests in this historic tale.

Twelfth Night
Translated by Alison Carey
Directed by Christopher Liam Moore

Release Date: June 24

Carey’s translation, starring Amy Brenneman, heightens Shakespeare’s classic tale about love, loss, and reunion. This podcast is set in a Hamptons-esque Illyria during the golden age of radio. Don’t miss out on this incredible series!


King Lear
Translated by Marcus Gardley
Directed by Eric Ting

King Lear cover art from Play On Podcasts

In partnership with Next Chapter Podcasts, Play On Podcasts will present Marcus Gardley’s translation of King Lear in February! We are ecstatic to announce this thrilling podcast, directed by Eric Ting and starring the legendary Keith David as Lear. The podcast will also include jazz-inspired sound design.


Meet the Play On Podcast Family!

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After 27 Play On Podcast episodes, prepare for engaging, entertaining, and informative interviews with our collaborators! Learn how George Whitty and Herbie Hancock found their way to the Hollywood Bowl or discover what Ferdinand Marcos, James Dean, and Coriolanus all have in common. We hope you enjoy the content this holiday season before the first episode of King Lear is released in February!


Translation by Sean San José
Directed by Kate Wisniewski

Dive into ancient Rome where General Caius Martius (soon-to-be-named Coriolanus) calls for an end to democracy in the midst of a tumultuous relationship between the people of Rome and the aristocracy. Brimming with political unrest, war, and questionable leadership, Coriolanus asks us to consider in what ways has history repeated itself to this day? Featuring an all-women and non-binary cast, get ready to experience Coriolanus like you never have before.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Translation by Jeffrey Whitty
Directed by Catherine Eaton

Tony Award–winning and Oscar-nominated storyteller Jeffrey Whitty offers his adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, mindfully adapted into modern language. Matching the Bard line for line, rhyme for rhyme, Whitty illuminates Shakespeare’s meaning for modern audiences while maintaining the play’s storytelling architecture, emotional texture, and freewheeling humor. Designed to supplement, not supplant, the original, Whitty’s Midsummer cuts through the centuries to bring audiences a fresh, moment-by-moment take, designed to flow as effortlessly for modern audiences as Shakespeare’s beloved classic played to the Elizabethans.


Translation by Ellen McLaughlin
Directed by Lisa Rothe

Pericles, Prince of Tyre is an adventure set in the classical past spanning over years in the life of the hero Pericles who loses everything—only to find what matters most. Full of perils and heroic feats, we follow Pericles as he journeys through various ancient cities in the Mediterranean, escaping danger, and searching for his loved ones.


Translation by Migdalia Cruz
Directed by Edward Torres

In Migdalia Cruz’s Macbeth, the Witches run the world. The Macbeths live out a dark cautionary tale of love, greed, and power, falling from glory into calamity as the Witches spin their fate. Translating Shakespeare’s language for a modern audience, Nuyorican playwright Migdalia Cruz rewrites Macbeth with all the passion of the Bronx.