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Winter 2023 Season

Live Productions

Watch this space for upcoming productions!



Play On Podcasts

Measure for Measure
Translated by Aditi Brennan Kapil
Directed by Jessie Austrian

Release Date: October 28

Measure for Measure podcast cover art

Aditi Brennan Kapil’s Measure for Measure is our latest Play On Podcast series, directed by Jessie Austrian and features New York’s award-winning Fiasco Theater ensemble. Exploring the corruption of power with wit and suspense, this podcast showcases a Vienna where anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


The Winter’s Tale
Translated and Directed by Tracy Young

Release Date: December 23rd

Play On Podcasts logo with bokeh and frosted effects over a purple background

This holiday season, Play On Podcasts is gifting one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays in the form of a podcast: The Winter’s Tale. Translated and directed by Tracy Young, this Winter’s Tale illuminates the plays themes of love, loss, and forgiveness. The podcast includes incredible sound design by Lindsay Jones and contemporary, acoustic instruments to transport audiences from the home of the jealous King Leontes to the joyful lands of Bohemia. The perfect winter story will soon be available to stream!


Twelfth Night
Translation by Alison Carey


Cover of Twelfth Night, Translated by Alison Carey

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night centers on power and love. One of the most perennially produced of Shakespeare’s comedies, it talks about shipwrecked twins, gender-bending romance, and a bumper crop of fools, from the wise to the ridiculous. Modernizing the language of the play, Alison Carey’s translation revives the joy of this comedy, taking the archaic humor and renewing it for a contemporary audience.