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  • Kamilah L. Long is an innovative leader and dynamic theatrical professional. Her multifaceted theatre career includes roles as an actor, director, producer, educator, fundraiser, activist, and speaker. She started her career in theatre as a storyteller, which led her to joining Actors Equity and becoming a professional actor before completing her undergraduate theatre degree from Alabama State University. Kamilah went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in performance along with a Certificate in African American Theatre from the University of Louisville. Kamilah is a world-class orator, having traveled as far as South Africa to speak and perform.

    Her experiences ultimately led her to become the current Executive Director of Play On Shakespeare. Before that she worked for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she was awarded a producing fellowship and rose from an entry-level artistic assistant to Senior Director of Development. Kamilah is also a proud member of the Board of Directors for Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV).

    Recently she was the founder and CEO of The Black Whole, a multimedia company focused on centering the Black global community through art and storytelling.

    Kamilah Long

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