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Director of Finance

Play On is looking for an experienced non-profit administrator for the role of Play On Shakespeare’s Director of Finance. The Director of Finance will be a core member of the Play On Shakespeare’s leadership team. As this position serves both the artistic and administrative capacities of the organization, the Finance Director will be someone who thrives in creating systems that support the programs and operations of Play On Shakespeare. This is a new position within the company; ideal candidates are comfortable with the flexibility of an evolving position.

Job details

 Role: Director of Finance

FLSA: 1.0 FTE – Exempt

Compensation: Set at $85,000/year.

Benefits Package: Health, dental, vision & life insurance, 403b plan with employer contributions, generous leave policy, home office stipend, flexible work hours

Supervisor: President/Creative Director

Projected Start Date: September 1, 2022 (negotiable)

About Play On Shakespeare

Play On Shakespeare is a non-profit company promoting and creating contemporary modern translations of Shakespeare’s plays. Since its inception in 2015, Play On has commissioned dozens of contemporary playwrights and translators to translate 39 Shakespeare plays into modern English, with a majority of the commissions being helmed by Black, Indigenous, People of Color and womxn playwrights. Play On partners with artists and organizations across the globe to deliver and advocate for these translations through different channels, including theatrical productions, podcasts, publications, and film.

As a small and mighty team of seven (currently!), we are a group who jump in, help out, and have each other’s backs. We love well-curated snacks, geeking out over Airtable, laughing over zoom, and putting our heads together to tackle whatever comes our way.

For more information, visit playonshakespeare.org.

Position Description

The Director of Finance is a core member of the Play On Shakespeare’s leadership team – an administrator advising and executing financial processes and strategies. A non-profit expert, the Director will protect the company’s assets, analyze its protocols and financial status, deliver on financial activities, and regularly report on the company’s standing. The Director will create and update financial policy that strengthens the company’s controls and supports its future growth. As this position serves both the artistic and administrative capacities of the company, the Director of Finance will be someone who thrives in creating systems that support the programs and operations of Play On Shakespeare. This is a new position within the company; ideal candidates are comfortable with the flexibility of an evolving position.

The Director of Finance reports directly to the President/Creative Director, and will work in shared leadership with the Director of Operations and Senior Producer/Associate Creative Director to further our mission and programs. The Director of Finance uplifts and adheres to Play On Shakespeare’s values of anti-racism, access, and equity and supports a work culture that manifests these values in its operational strategies and practices.

Core Responsibilities

  • File deposits, process reconciliations and expenses, process accounts payable and contractor paperwork, and oversee accounts receivable.
  • Maintain accurate records and the chart of accounts, and meet all organizational financial deadlines.
  • Process biweekly payroll, file all required wage reports and employee taxes, and complete annual tax filings for employees and contractors.
  • Oversee and manage existing contracts with payroll and HR firms, bookkeeping contractors, and accounting firms.
  • Update and monitor internal controls, improve and maintain financial systems, and correct financial inaccuracies or insufficiencies. 
  • Execute contracts with financial contractors and firms. 
  • In collaboration with the Director of Operations, develop & maintain policies for the appropriate governance of the company. 
  • Maintain company financial compliance with government forms, registrations, and the Hitz Foundation.
  • Advise the company’s Board of Directorson financial and accounting policies, and ensure the company’s appropriate tax status and compliance, initiating and overseeing any updates to company tax forms, reports, and statuses.
  • Identify and coordinate financial systems training needs across the company.
  • Manage the annual organizational budget process and regular cash flow and profit & loss reports.
  • Create regular financial reports for organizational analysis and as needed for Board communications, grant applications, and other required reporting.
  • Direct the company’s annual audit and non-profit government reporting.
  • Monitor the security of the company’s investments and assets, and report and advise on trends, forecasts, opportunities, and risks.
  • Oversee and implement end-to-end processes for select projects, deploy effective change management strategies to mitigate risk and ensure project success, and solicit and integrate feedback from impacted team members.
  • Provide key support in the course of business operations to a handful of internal and external collaborators.

Core Competencies and Traits

A successful background for a candidate for this position may look like some of the following: someone with a four-year undergraduate degree in management, finance, arts administration or other related field with a few years working in a non-profit; someone with 5-7 years of working experience in business operations and finance for a small business or organization; someone working in a similar position at another non-profit organization; a CPA or accountant with an interest in working for an arts organization.

This is not an exhaustive list of qualifications, but a few snapshots about what the background of a successful candidate might look like. 

  • Strong knowledge of nonprofit taxes and registrations, accounting and budgeting principles, and financial best practices.
  • Capable of distilling complex financial/accounting concepts into clear narrative for diverse audiences including the Board of Directors, senior leadership, and cross-departmental teams.
  • Experience building financial and governance policies strongly preferred.
  • Proficient in accounting and financial management software (Quickbooks online).
  • Cultural competency and sensitivity with a known track record of engaging in these practices in previous work environments.
  • High level of experience and/or training in anti-racist and anti-bias practices in the workplace.
  • Action-oriented, independent, and able to delegate effectively.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to establish good working relationships with coworkers throughout the company, especially in a remote setting.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to communicate with team members and outside partnerships.
  • Ability to interact with screens for multiple hours per work day. 

Play On Shakespeare is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local law, where applicable.

Play On Shakespeare is made possible through generous support by the Hitz Foundation.

How to Apply

Application Process

Please submit your application using the following Airtable form:


This form will ask you to complete a questionnaire in lieu of a cover letter, as well as require you to upload the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • Your resume with the following modifications:
    •  Your seven-digit phone number (i.e., your phone number WITHOUT the area code), with no dashes, in the place of your name. 
    •  Remove any reference to your home address and email.

All applicants will be notified of their application status and its continuation or completion within our process.

Interview Process Timeline

Interviewees will be compensated for their time spent meeting with Play On Shakespeare. For Zoom interviews and the collaborative work session, interviewees will receive $59 – equivalent to one full day at the federal per diem rate for Ashland, OR. Candidates invited to an in-person interview will have their travel and housing provided, per diem for meals and essentials provided, and will be compensated for their time.

Round 1: Develop a Budget & Narrative

Collaborative work sessions tentatively scheduled for July 18 – July 27

Semi-finalists for the role will be asked to create a sample budget and narrative for a project, details for which will be provided ahead of time. The candidate will be asked to join a collaborative 30-minute work session with Associate Creative Director and Senior Producer Taylor Bailey, and Director of Operations Summer Martin, who will answer any questions and provide additional context and information needed to complete the budget.  Afterwards, semi-finalists will have five business days to submit the project budget and budget narrative.

Round 2: Conversation with the Leadership Team

Interviews tentatively scheduled for August 1 – 5

Finalists for the role will be asked to join a one-hour conversation with Lue Douthit (President/Creative Director), Taylor Bailey (Associate Creative Director/Senior Producer), and Summer Martin (Director of Operations). Interview questions will be given in writing three business days in advance of the meeting.

Round 3: One-on-One with Lue Douthit

One-on-One’s tentatively scheduled for August 8-11

Finalists for the role will be asked to join a 30 minute conversation with Lue Douthit (President/Creative Director).